Angry Brides - PLAY has always believed that marriage is an institution of love, where there is place for togetherness, mutual understanding, family values & emotional support.. not dowry!

According to the NCRB's 2007 statistics, India witnesses 1 dowry death every 4 hours! This is creating a serious imbalance in the Male:Female ratio in India.

According to the 2011 government census, India has only 914 girls for every 1,000 boys! We condemn this society menace & have consistently run campaigns on Social Media to help create awareness on the seriousness of this issue. The Angry Brides game is our way of throwing a spotlight on the nuisance of dowry.

The game functionality is kept as simple as possible. It involves grooms with a heavy dowry price tag. The players have to strike the dodging grooms with a weapon of choice. Each hit decreases the price of the groom & adds that money to the player's Anti-Dowry fund, which players can choose to publish on their wall or tweet to their timeline.